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Breaking Bad: 10 Scenes That Live Rent-Free In Every Fan’s Head

Every show has some scenes that make it iconic. Here are some that Breaking Bad fans absolutely can't get out of their heads.

Though Breaking Bad ended years ago, some of its all-time great scenes still echo in the minds of fans. It’s not necessarily the moments that feature the best acting skills, such as Aaron Paul’s delivery of Jesse’s breakdown in “ABQ”,  that stick with fans, or the repetitive ones, such as breakfasts at the White residence.

The scenes that live rent-free in every fan’s head range from hilarious and uncomfortable to terrifying and cringe-inducing. Breaking Bad is a dark show, so it’s the lighter moments that stand out, alongside the darkest of dark.

Jesse’s Antics In Gus’ Lab

Jesse goofs around in the lab in Breaking Bad

Those who want to freshen up their memory of Jesse’s antics should definitely re-watch “I See You”, an episode in which Jesse plays around with the lab equipment. It’s one of the very few funny and light-hearted scenes in the show, so it burned into the memories of all fans.

It shows the bright side of Jesse: his childlike, unconcerned behavior. He couldn’t stand being bored. In the end, he was interrupted by Victor who wanted to know why there was nothing cooking at that moment.

“Yeah Mr. White! Yeah Science!”

Jesse Pinkman's "Yes Science" moment in Breaking Bad

The scene in which Jesse rejoices Walt’s intelligence and the power of science lives rent-free in every fan’s head because it has since become a meme with a life of its own.

It’s also one of those scenes that are thematically revisited later on in the series. It’s the first of many times in which Jesse shows enthusiasm about science, be it about batteries or magnets. Of all the father and son moments Walt and Jesse shared, this one just might be the purest.

Jesse & Badger’s Fight In The Van

Jesse & Badger fight in the van in Breaking Bad

Badger and Jesse once attempted to cook meth together, but it didn’t end well. Frustrated with the low quality of the product, Jesse wanted to throw an entire batch away, which didn’t sit well with Badger. The conflict resulted in a physical altercation.

As Badger picked up Jesse and spun him around, yelling “Helicopter, b*tch!”, they destroyed the majority of the equipment. There’s not a single fan out there who doesn’t remember this scene!

“I Am The One Who Knocks!”

Breaking Bad's

The scene in which Walter famously tells his wife that he is the one who knocks is considered one of the show’s most famous ones. Not only because of Walt’s iconic monologue but because it was the first time Skyler realized just who her husband had become.

She was worried sick for him all the time, without ever considering that it’s him who might be the danger.

Flynn Has Too Much Tequila

Flynn, Walter and Hank drink tequila on Breaking Bad

Walter White made some poor parenting choices in Breaking Bad, one of which is forcing his underage son to down several shots of tequila in a row. Hank interfered and took the bottle away, but Walt, sick of constantly being undermined, though in this case, for good reason, insisted that he give him the bottle back.

As the two had their stand-off, Flynn downed the rest of the liquor in the background and then became ill. It’s notable that Walt didn’t rush to help his son; he just kept on sipping the tequila. The quiet horror of this moment stuck with fans.

Tio Salamanca’s Trip To The DEA

Tio Salamanca at the DEA in Breaking Bad

When Tio Salamanca came to the DEA headquarters to identify Jesse, the fans were all on the edge of their seats. He looked at Pinkman with rage in his eyes, but when the time came to rat him out, Tio Salamanca remained silent.

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What Tio did instead is pretty unforgettable, he looked Hank right in his eyes and relieved himself.

Hank Finds Out The Truth

Hank realizes Walt is Heisenberg in Breaking Bad

Hank found out the truth about his brother-in-law while sitting on the toilet at the White residence. Looking to pass the time, he picked up Gale’s Leaves of Grass and realized that Heisenberg was right in front of his nose the entire time.

Trying to keep his cool, he excuses himself from the barbecue and tells Marie that he’d like to go home. It was one of the greatest turning points in the entire show.

Walt Laughing Hysterically

Walt lies on his back in the crawl space in Breaking Bad

Those who want to understand why Breaking Bad just might be the best TV show of all times can watch the ending of “Crawl Space” to get their answer. The acting, the suspense, the telephone ringing in the background … All fans have a nearly photographic memory of this particular scene.

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When he realized Skyler used his money to help Ted get out of trouble with the IRS, Walt snapped. His terrified screams turned into hysterical laughter, in a moment fans won’t ever forget.

Walt Quits The Car Wash

Walter White in the car wash from Breaking Bad

One of the most memorable scenes from the pilot episode of Breaking Bad is Walt quitting the demeaning job at the car wash.”F*ck you and your eyebrows!” he told his boss Bogdan.

At that point in time, Walt was still incredibly clumsy with expressing anger. Later on, he became much more confident and calculative.

Happy Birthday, Mr President

Skyler sings Happy Birthday to Ted in Breaking Bad

Nearly no other scene in the history of all TV shows is as awkward as the one in which Skyler sings Ted Beneke happy birthday. It lives in every fan’s head and it has no intention of ever moving out.

The whole sequence is memorable, but fans might wish they could forget it instead.

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