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Breaking Bad: 10 Scariest Moments In The Series

Walter White and the other characters on Breaking Bad face plenty of dangerous situations which often lead to genuinely terrifying moments.

There are few shows that are as intense as Breaking Bad. While some scenes simply leave audiences on the edge of their seats, other moments have been downright terrifying. The show often puts its characters in dangerous and vulnerable positions where the audience does not know what will happen next.

In some cases, these terrifying moments can come from the show’s many intimidating villains, like Gus Fring. Sometimes, it is the positions that Walt and Jesse put themselves into that cause the audience to sweat. And of all the great scenes in Breaking Bad, these scariest scenes are still difficult for fans to watch.

Salamanca Cousins Visit Walt’s House

The Salamanca cousins wait in Walt's house Breaking Bad

Though they hardly speak a word when they are on the show, the Salamanca cousins are among the most unsettling characters in Breaking Bad. Their eerie silence immediately puts the audience on edge and they have brutally killed people without showing any emotion.

Given what fans have seen these men do, it is instantly terrifying when they show up at Walt’s house. As Walt showers, the cold men enter the home carrying an ax and proceed to calmly sit on the bed and wait for Walt. Had Gus not called them off, who knows what they might have done.

Jack Kills Hank

Breaking Bad has a talent for setting up one intense situation only for another even more intense situation to evolve out of it. Such is the case when Hank attempts to arrest Walt only for Uncle Jack and his crew to show up.

It is one of the iconic Breaking Bad desert scenes which erupts in a gunfight leaving Hank at Jack’s mercy. The brilliance of the scene is that it makes the audience believe that Walt might be able to talk his way out of this and save Hank only for Hank to admit he knows that was never going to happen.

Todd Sends Skyler A Warning

Perhaps the creepiest character on Breaking Bad is Todd who has done some unspeakably evil things while also maintaining a polite demeanor. His soft-spoken nature just makes everything he does even scarier, especially when he pays Skyler an unexpected visit.

The sight of Todd and the other men in ski masks standing silently in Holly’s nursery in the middle of the night is one of the biggest scares in the show. Todd’s calm threats to Skyler to not say anything to the police makes the audience realize Todd is really capable of anything.

Walt Has A Breakdown In The Crawl Space

The situations Walt finds himself in can often be scary and sometimes Walt himself is intimidating. But this very memorable scene unsettles audiences because it appears as though Walt has lost his mind.

Once Walt realizes his relationship with Gus cannot be salvaged, he decides it is time to go on the run. He frantically hurries to his house and goes into the crawl space to collect his money only to discover Skyler used most of it. What starts as screams of anguish turns into hysterical laughter. It is the most unhinged Walt has ever been and is a scary thing to behold.

Jesse Is Trapped In The Thieves’ House

In one of the most disturbing Breaking Bad episodes, Jesse goes to the house of a couple who robbed his dealer. Along with Jesse being ill-prepared for such an encounter, he finds a young boy inside the disgusting house as he waits for the couple to return.

Once the thieves return, the episode spirals into a surreal nightmare as they turn the tables on Jesse. From the danger Jesse finds him in, the grotesque captors, and the poor little boy present for all of it, things continue to get more disturbing, culminating in a gruesome death.

Walt And Skyler Fight In The Kitchen

Skyler White pulls a knife in the kitchen in Breaking Bad

Though Skyler was a reluctant participant in Walt’s crimes for several seasons of the show, she finally chooses to defend her family from him. After Hank is murdered, Walt arrives home and attempts to get his family together so they can flee.

However, Skyler pulls a knife on Walt which results in them fighting each other on the kitchen floor as the children watch in horror. The quick editing that includes deliberate shots of the knife as they fight makes it seem like something truly terrible is about to happen.

Todd Kills Andrea

Todd shoots Andrea to punish Jesse for escaping in Breaking Bad

Though a lot of people die in Breaking Bad, Andrea’s murder was one of the most unnecessary and tragic kills. She was the sweet and caring recovering addict who befriends Jesse. And is that connection to him that leads to her death.

After Jesse attempts to escape his captivity in the neo-Nazi compound, they decide to teach him a lesson. Todd visits Andrea and uses her love of Jesse to lure her out of the house. He then executes her in cold blood as Jesse watches helplessly.

Hank Is Attacked By The Salamanca Cousins

Hank driving his car in Breaking Bad

The Salamanca cousins had been built up to be terrifying and ruthless killers, so when they pick Hank as their target, it’s hard not to be scared for him. The amazing and gripping sequence begins with Hank receiving a call warning him that he’s about to be attacked.

The tension ratchets up as Hank scans the parking lot wondering if it was a prank call, only for the cousins to appear and attack. It results in the best shootout in Breaking Bad as the cousins continue to appear unstoppable while Hank proves himself to be a badass.

Tortuga’s Decapitated Head

Tortuga's head is found on a turtle in Breaking Bad

While Danny Trejo’s character Tortuga was sadly underused in the show, he did make a very memorable exit from the show. Tortuga is a cartel member who works as an informant for the DEA. As Hank and the other officers are waiting in the desert for Tortuga to arrive at their meeting, he makes an unexpected appearance.

They find Tortuga’s decapitated head placed on top of a tortoise as it walks through the desert. As if that grisly sight isn’t disturbing enough, it is also a trap that sets off an explosion, killing several of the officers and traumatizing Hank.

Gus Kills Victor With A Box Cutter

Gus Fring wears a lab coat before slicing his henchman Victor's throat for cooking meth without permission in Breaking Bad

Though Gus Fring is a very calm and reasonable businessman, he is also incredibly intimidating. He also does not seem like the kind of person anyone would like to get on the bad side of which is exactly where Walt and Jesse find themselves.

After killing Gale to save themselves, Walt and Jesse are brought to the lab to deal with Gus. As Walt tries to explain their actions, Gus calmly puts on a lab suit, picks up a box cutter, and slits Victor’s throat, causing him to bleed out in front of Walt and Jesse. It is a very loud and clear message.

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