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Breaking Bad: 10 Saddest Quotes

From remarks about betrayal, death, regret, and confessions, Breaking Bad has some extremely sad quotes throughout its five seasons.

Breaking Bad portrays Albuquerque, New Mexico, as a place where much can be achieved. Gus thrives as one of the biggest drug distributors in America, Walt makes millions in a short period, Saul gets to be a famous lawyer and Elliot builds a multi-billion dollar company. All these things bring joy to the characters.

Conversely, Albuquerque is depicted as a place where plenty can go wrong. Unfortunate occurrences have led to plenty of sad moments and in extension, sad quotes from some of the show’s popular characters. As the season went on, these tear-jerking quotes came up more and more.

When Walter Jr. Learns It’s His Dad On The Phone

“Why Won’t You Just, Just Die Already?”

Flynn refuses an offer for money from his father in Breaking Bad

After a month of hiding, Walt resurfaces and calls the J.P Wynee High School, pretending to be Walter Jr.’s aunt. He aims to give his son money but Walter Jr. is in no mood to talk to him. The teenager insults him, wishes him dead, and hangs up.

It’s a heartbreaking moment because Walt’s main motivation for becoming a meth cook was so that he could leave enough money for his family when he died. Now that he is paying the price for venturing into crime, the same family wants nothing to do with him. Even though Walt is not the best father, it’s still painful to hear a son wish death on his father.

When Walt Begs Ed To Keep Him Company

“Stay A Little Longer? 2 Hours? I’ll Give You Another $10,000.”

Ed drawing blood from Walt in Breaking Bad

To prevent him from getting captured, Ed The Disappearer sets Walt up with a new life in New Hampshire. He makes monthly visits to bring him supplies and during one of them, Walt becomes devastated as Ed is about to leave. He thus offers him more money to stay for a few more minutes.

Walt’s words show just how difficult solitude can be. His family no longer wants anything to do with him and all the people he worked with are no longer in the picture. As much as he’d like to even interact with strangers, it’s risky because his face is all over the news. Paying Ed to stay a little longer is therefore the only way he can enjoy human company a little longer.

When Gale Tries To Persuade Jesse Not To Kill Him

“Take Whatever You Want. I Have Money, I Got A Lot Of Money.”

Believing Gale is being groomed to take over as the cook-in-chief, Walt manipulates Jesse into shooting the young chemist. When Jesse points a gun at him, Gale offers him everything he has so that he can spare his life. Unfortunately, Jesse proceeds with the execution.

Gale’s remarks in his final moments are quite a cliche as they have been said many times in TV and film by characters that were about to be sent to the afterlife. Nonetheless, the words still tend t carry a lot of emotional weight. In a show full of evil characters, Gale happens to be one of the nicer ones hence it’s disheartening for his chapter to close in such a cruel manner.

When Skyler Confesses To Cheating

“I F***d Ted!”

In a move meant to make Walt distance himself from her, Skyler abruptly confesses to him that she slept with her boss, Ted Beneke. The words are as big a blow to Walt as they are to viewers.

Skyler’s decision to punish Walt by cheating on him with her boss is one of Breaking Bad‘s most questionable dating choices because none of their marital issues had been infidelity-related. She does it to spite him, which is heart-rending because no matter how flawed he is as a man, he genuinely loves his wife and children.

When Todd Is About To Shoot Andrea

“Just So You Know, This Isn’t Personal.”

Todd shoots Andrea to punish Jesse for escaping in Breaking Bad

While he’s being held in captivity at Jack Welker’s compound and forced to cook meth, Jesse tries to escape. He is captured and to teach him a lesson, Todd drives him to the house of his girlfriend Andrea before shooting her.

There are multiple reasons why Jesse and Andrea were the perfect couples in Breaking Bad as compared to him and Jane. Andrea is modest, understanding and doesn’t drive the young meth cook to destructive habits. Watching Todd murder her just so he can teach Jesse a lesson is sad since many other options don’t involve harming a loved one.

When Walt Confesses He Has Cancer

“I Have Cancer. Lung Cancer. It’s Bad.”

Walt confesses he has cancer in Breaking Bad

As the Whites and the Schraders are having a barbecue, Walt reminisces on when he first met Skyler. This causes her to break into tears. Seeing her reaction, Walt finally confesses to everyone that he has been diagnosed with cancer.

It’s a sad scene because it’s a reminder of why Walt ventures into his current line of work, a profession that causes him so much trouble down the road. The confession is sadder because Walt is said to have lived a healthy lifestyle up until that point. Fate was simply being cruel to him and in a different life, he’d remain a healthy and happily married teacher

When Mike Is About To Die

“Shut The F*** Up Walter, Let Me Die In Peace.”

Mike's death in Breaking Bad

After shooting Mike in the stomach for his refusal to give up the names of his associates, Walt realizes he could have simply asked Lydia for the information. He tries to apologize but a dying Mike wants to hear none of it.

Shooting Mike is undoubtedly one of the worst things Walt does in Breaking Bad as it’s completely unnecessary. Their feud isn’t deep enough to warrant the taking of a life. Mike’s words are even sadder because of how calmly he accepts his fate. Having been in the underworld for long, he knew that such a day would come.

When Walt Informs Jesse That He Let Jane Die

“I Could Have Saved Her. But I Didn’t.”

Walt confesses to Jesse about Jane's death in Breaking Bad

Walt’s remaining love for Jesse diminishes when the former protege tricks him into showing up at the desert where Hank and Gomez are waiting. In the aftermath of the shooting, an angry Walt confesses that he let Jane die.

The words trigger melancholy because Walt’s refusal to save Jane not only leads to her death but also the Wayfarer plane crash. A lot of lives would have been saved if Walt had performed first aid on Jane. But he didn’t do that because he was mad at Jane for blackmailing him.

When Walt Reacts After Skyler Attacks Him With A Knife

“What The Hell Is Wrong With You?! We’re A Family!”

Walt reacts after Skyler threatens him with a knife in Breaking Bad

After Hank’s death, Walt rushes back to his house and orders his family to pack so they can leave. However, Skyler doesn’t react too kindly to the news of Hank’s death so she attacks him with a knife.

Both parties are wrong on this occasion. Walt expects his family to be okay with the news of Hank’s death and simply do as he says but that isn’t possible because both Skyler and Walter Jr. adored the man. Skyler has no justification for pulling a knife either since Walt hasn’t attacked her. As a family, they truly should be handling such issues better.

When Donald Makes A Mistake At The Air Traffic Control Center

“Jane Mike Two One”

Jane's father Donald causes a plane crash

One of the things fans miss about the Wayfarer plane crash in Breaking Bad is that Jane’s father Donald identifies the charter plane, JM21, as “Jane Mike Two One” instead of its exact code, “Juliet Mike Two One.” As a result, it collides with a commercial airplane.

Donald says “Jane” instead of “Juliet” because he is still grief-stricken. As hard as he tries to correct the error, nothing can be done because his wrong phrase has already put two planes on a collision course. Even sadder is that Donald is unable to live with himself after the mistake. He ends up shooting himself.

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