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Breaking Bad: 10 Most Shameless Things Jesse Has Ever Done

On Breaking Bad, Jesse Pinkman was the comic relief and heart of the show. But Walter White's meth cooking partner pulled some pretty brazen stunts.

Although by the end of Breaking Bad, Jesse seems to have become a moral person, he still did many seriously horrible things during the show’s run. Some of his mistakes were forgivable. Others were nothing short of shameless.

When audiences were given the chance to go on this journey with Jesse, he was quite the captivating character. This was the case so much so that he even got his own movie, El Camino, after the series finale. Over the course of Breaking Bad, here are the top ten most shameless things Jesse has ever done.

Judging Andrea

breaking bad jesse andrea

Jesse met Andrea at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting where they were both trying to get past their addictions. Andrea was especially motivated to move on and improve her life, given that she had a young son, Brock, in need of his mother.

After finding out that Andrea had gotten high again, Jesse chastised her. This was mostly due to the fact that Jesse had a strong affinity for Brock and wanted the best for him. Andrea was quite upset with Jesse for his hypocrisy, for good reason. As Andrea’s new boyfriend, Jesse was around Brock quite a bit and yet he saw no problem with getting high himself.

Blowing Walter’s Money

Jesse and Walt in Breaking Bad

Walter trusted Jesse with his life savings in hopes of getting an RV that they could use for cooking meth. Instead of keeping his word, Jesse took all of Walt’s savings and, with his friends, blew it all at a strip club.

After realizing what he had done, Jesse planned to run away. Fortunately enough for him, it turned out that Combo had access to an RV. It was that RV that later became one of the most iconic vehicles in television history.

Selling Walter Out

Jesse Pinkman's "Yes Science" moment in Breaking Bad

In the first episode of the series, Walter convinced Jesse to set up a meeting with Emilio and Crazy 8 so that Walter could make some money off of his impressively and uniquely designed blue meth. What Walter was unaware of was that Jesse actually gave the drug dealers all of Walter’s personal information.

This misstep on the part of Jesse could have led not just to the death of Walter, but also the murder of his entire family. Luckily enough for the future drug kingpin, both Crazy 8 and Emilio died not too long after.

Dissolving The Body

After Walter killed his first victim, the two drug-dealing partners were left with a bit of a predicament: what to do with the body. Walter, being the scientific genius that he was, came up with a plan to use a specific chemical compound to totally dissolve the body.

Jesse carelessly ignored his former teacher’s specific instructions, which lead to his dissolving a hole straight through the upstairs bathtub and down to the second floor of his house. What was left was a bloody mess of partially dissolved remains that the two of them had to clean up.

Blackmailing His Parents

Jesse Pinkman's and his little brother at the dinner table in a scene from Breaking Bad.

Jesse may have felt betrayed by his parents when they kicked him out, but it didn’t seem like he gave them much of a choice. He has repeatedly turned back to his family for help, and repeatedly let them down by returning to his old ways.

When his parents decided to take away Jesse’s aunt’s house and sell it out from under him, he considered that to be going too far. Jesse went as far as to blackmail the two of them into selling it back to him. Such a move was a very low blow and a very immoral thing to do with two parents who are clearly good people.

Dealing Meth

Jesse mixes chemicals at the Superlab in Breaking Bad

From before the events of the show even started, Jesse was already making deplorable, shameless choices. The most obvious example of this was the fact that he was dealing meth.

Methamphetamine is one of the most dangerous drugs out there. Their existence has created many deaths, and an endless amount of pain and suffering. Jesse fully bought into all of these consequences, hoping to use the pain and addiction of others to make money.

Making Blue Sky

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad

Selling meth was bad enough on its own. Selling a stronger, more addictive/ potent form of meth, well that’s just on a whole other level of evil.

Walt’s “blue sky” meth was lauded for its increased strength and potency. Jesse gleefully joined Walter on his severely misguided crusade, and the two of them left a multitude of bodies in their wake.

Selling To Recovering Addicts

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad

Jesse showed that he was willing to do some pretty deplorable things in order to further his own success in the drug trade. A prime example is when Jesse sought out a recovering addict’s meeting.

When audiences first see Jesse sitting in the circle, it appears as though he’s actually there to get some help. This notion is quickly shown to be false, as Jesse’s real reason for being there was to sell drugs to some very vulnerable people. There are very few things more deplorable than preying on the desires of addicts trying to recover what’s left of their lives and undoubtedly setting them back on a path to earthly perdition.

Causing Jane’s Relapse

Jane sleeps over at Jesse's house

When Jesse Pinkman loves someone, he sure has a funny way of showing it. At the time that Jesse and Jane first met, Jane was a recovering drug addict. She had finally set her life in a positive, constructive direction.

After they started sleeping with one another, Jesse started using drugs again. Exposing Jane to that sort of environment led to her falling off the wagon as well. Not too long later, she was choking to death on her own vomit — all of which could have been prevented if not for Jesse.

Murdering Gale

Jesse shoots Gale in Breaking Bad

Although there were many horrible things that Jesse was completely willing to do, murder was always off of the table. Jesse clearly didn’t want to kill Gale, but he felt backed into a corner with no other choice. With Gale out of the way, he and Walter became indispensable and were no longer in danger of being murdered by Gus.

This was the event that began Jesse’s change. The shock and devastation of having committed such an evil act made Jesse wish for a way out. He could finally see what he had done and that all he wanted now was to be a good person again.

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