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Breaking Bad: 10 Biggest Arguments

Breaking Bad was full of hot-headed characters, so it wasn't uncommon for fights to break out several times a season, often to huge proportions.

Breaking Bad was full of hot-headed characters hence it wasn’t uncommon for fights to pop up several times a season. Feeling he was intelligent than most of his associates, Walt was always quick to call them out. And they didn’t always react in the best way possible. However, Walt wasn’t the only architect of disagreements.

Though they were interesting, most of the characters were too irritable. And while some of the arguments were easily resolved by the trading of words, a good number of them turned violent or tragic. With drugs and millions of dollars involved, there was a lot more at stake, rather than just hurt feelings.

Walt Shoots Mike Over “Names”

Walt orders Mike to give him the names of his associates in Breaking Bad

The most unnecessary argument in the series still brings painful memories to fans as it led to the death of a beloved character. After a heated exchange, Walt shot Mike over information he could have gotten from someone else. The great chemist didn’t think too clearly this time.

It all started with Walt getting tired of Mike having to pay his previous coworkers to keep quiet. Greed was more like it since Walt felt a lot of money was being wasted on the payouts. Mike refused and Walt shot him only to realize that Lydia knew the names too. He tried to apologize but Mike wanted to hear none of it. Moments later, Mike was dead.

Skyler Chases Marie Around A Boutique For Shop Lifting

Skyler in a hotel room in Breaking Bad

As the wife of a star DEA agent, being a petty thief didn’t look so good on Marie. More importantly, she and Mike weren’t poor. Her stealing was all due to her lust for the finer things in life.

The normally loving wife got on Skyler’s wrong side when she handed her a stolen baby tiara as a gift. When Skyler attempted to return it to the store, she was arrested. Annoyed, she confronted Marie inside a women’s clothing boutique, resulting in the two trading words. The squabble took a comical turn, with Skyler chasing Marie around the boutique as she pled not guilty.

Bogdan Refuses To Sell The Car Wash To Skyler

A1A Car Wash owner Bogdan refuses to sell it to Skyler

A1A Car Wash owner Bogdan Wolynetz enjoyed being the tyrannical boss, going as far as to force accountants (including Walt) to scrub cars. His reign came to an end when Skyler decided that a car wash would be the perfect business use in laundering drug money.

Skyler made Bogdan an accurate cash offer of $879,000 offer but instead of being a civilized businessman, he erupted. He counter-offering with $20 million before misogynistically adding that Walt should have shown up himself instead of “sending his woman.” His remarks cost him, as an angry Skyler and Walt later blackmailed him into selling for a lesser $800,000.

Jane Threatens To Expose Walt

Jane smoking and looking at Jesse in Breaking Bad

Jesse was much a liability as he was an asset. He almost cost Walt the deal of his life when he failed to deliver the first batch of drugs to Gus because he was intoxicated. Walt had to come for the drugs himself, causing him to miss the birth of the daughter. From the $1.2 million he was paid, an angry Walt withheld Jesse’s share of $480,000, promising to only give it to him if he got clean.

As soon as Jane Magnolis learned about the money, greed drove her to call Walt and threaten to expose him to the authorities if he didn’t give the $480,000 to Jesse. After a heated exchange, she hangs up. Walt delivered the money but grew to hate her so much that he didn’t save her when he found her asphyxiating on her own vomit. This decision indirectly led to the Wayferer Plane Crash.

Jesse Confronts Saul Over The Poisoning Of Brock

Jesse forces Saul to confess about the ricin

One of the best friendships in the series was that of Jesse and Andrea’s son Brock. Aware of their bond, Walt tried to get Jesse to go after Gus by poisoning Brock and framing the drug lord for the act. This backfired when Jesse realized that Huell had taken the ricin from his pocket, figuring that both Walt and Saul were involved.

It took Jesse pointing a gun at Saul for the lawyer to confess that he helped Walt. However, he had no idea what he was going to do with the ricin. There was even a better twist later on. Walt never used the ricin. He instead used a plant known as Lilly Of The Valley to poison Brock.

Walt Introduces Walter Jr. To Drinking And Hank Doesn’t Like It

Walt forces Walter Jr to drink more liqour than he can handle

Walt’s cancer was the reason for the switch in careers. It was also the trigger for most of the series events. When Dr. Delcavoli informed the family that Walt’s cancerous tumor had shrunk by 80%, there was a reason for celebration. A party was thrown in which Walt decided that Walter Jr. needed to start drinking.

Hank became a little concerned when Walt continued pouring more shots for his son. He tried stopping Walt by even placing his hand above the glass only for Walt to pour the drink on it. The two got into a tussle for the bottle that was only stopped Walter Jr. began vomiting in the pool.

Tuco Interrogates Walt And Jesse

Tuco interrogates Walt at the desert cabin

Before Gus Fring and Jack Welker, there was Tuco who proved to be quite the maniacal antagonist. The high-ranking Juarez Cartel member made plans to take Jesse and Walt back with him to Mexico when the DEA began breathing down his neck. Except, Walt and Jesse weren’t too keen on leaving because they had lives in ABQ.

The duo tried to poison Tuco but his uncle Hector noticed. Unable to figure out what Hector was trying to communicate to him, Tuco dragged Jesse outside and began beating him. This led to a lengthy argument in which Walt courageously confessed that they were trying to poison him because he was “an insane, degenerate piece of filth.” Luckily, Hank showed up to save the day.

Walt Confronts Ted For Sleeping With His Wife

Walt is escorted out of Beneke Fabricators

It was clear that Skyler was never ever going to be a fan favorite character when she cheated on Walt with her boss Ted, who proved to not be a better man. What’s worse was how she broke the news to Walt. Aiming to hurt him, she simply said: “I f***d Ted.”

Walt appeared to take the confession calmly at first but then he showed up at Beneke Fabricators, ready for a fight. The cowardly Ted locked himself inside his office as Walt yelled at him and unsuccessfully attempted to break down the window. It took the intervention of the security guards and Mike to get Walt out of the premises.

Walter Jr. Rejects His Fugitive Dad’s Money

Flynn refuses an offer for money from his father in Breaking Bad

Walter Junior’s infamous “Why don’t you just die already?” line was the best part of this argument. Earlier, the quick-thinking Walt had figured out the perfect way to contact his son while on the run. He paid someone to pose as Marie and call J.P. Wynne High School, asking for Walter Jr.

Not wanting to waste much time, Walt began explaining to his son how he’d get the money he was about to send him. Walter Jr, wanted nothing to do with it, blaming him for Hank’s death before yelling obscenities’ and hanging up.

Walt Flees With Baby Holly

Skyler yells at Walt as he rives away with Holly

Hank had taken forever to figure out Walt was Heisenberg hence his excessive joy when he finally arrested his brother-in-law was understandable. He called Marie (perhaps too soon) to tell her the good news only for Jack Welker and his gang to show up and kill him. Earlier, Marie had also called Skyler to boast about Walt being arrested. But when Skyler got home, she found Walt parking.

Walt then confessed that Hank was dead. When he asked Marie and Walter Jr to leave with him but they refused. After a struggle, Skyler slashed Walt’s wrist with a kitchen knife. In a panic state, fled with Baby Holly, leaving a horrified Skyler chasing after him while crying. It was undoubtedly the lowest point in the couple’s relationship

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