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Breaking Bad: 10 Best Quotes From The Epic Finale

Breaking Bad is often thought to be one of the best TV shows of all time, and that's due in part to all of the fantastic quotes scattered throughout.

There are few shows in recent history with more quotable lines than the AMC drama Breaking Bad. Thanks to some memorable writing and dynamic performances, there is a slew of epic and emotional quotes from various characters.

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This is absolutely the case in the awesome final season and the gripping, climactic finale that wraps up the show. It’s a critical time for Walt; things have reached a boiling point, and the stakes are higher than ever. This added drama makes for a truly entertaining watch, but it also sets the stage for some especially great quotes.

“Just Get Me Home…”

breaking bad - walter white in the car in felina

This roller coaster ride of a finale is full of gripping moments, and this kicks off almost immediately. Walt is seen laying low from the police searching for him, shrouded inside a snow-covered car. Walt sits quietly and solemnly as he fails in trying to start the stolen vehicle with a screwdriver.

Hope seems to be dwindling and hanging by a thread, at which point he utters this simple plea. He needs just one more thing to go his way, and he’ll do the rest. It’s a simple line, but it’s one that emotionally powerful and intense. It’s all the more impactful after the car keys drop onto his lap from the sun visor, as if the plea is answered. It’s a memorable way to ring in this epic final episode of Breaking Bad.

“I know That’s What Hank Would Do.”

Breaking Bad Felina Marie on Phone with Skyler

While “Felina” largely focuses on the craziness of Walt finishing his business and tying up loose ends, viewers are also shown the now-shattered family he’s affected. Of course, his wife and children are impacted, but so too is Marie, who’s seen tipping her sister off to Walt’s return to New Mexico.

Viewers are getting a somber reminder of just how Marie’s life has been forever marred with the loss of her husband, who she deeply loved and supported. This is conveyed by this saddening line uttered by her after she tells Skyler that “they’re probably watching your place too.”

“You Really Shouldn’t Have Come Back, Mr. White.”

Breaking Bad Felina Jack and Todd in Clubhouse

Even though things often work out for Walt, who typically seems to know what he’s doing, the end of “Felina” has some tense moments, as Walt finds himself in the “belly of the beast,” as it were. He seemingly has a plan to take out Jack and his neo-Nazi gang, but he’s in a precarious spot, and things can go either way.

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The tension escalates following this remark from a nefarious Todd Alquist, who appears a tinge regretful that they’re about to off Heisenberg. It’s a well-delivered line that seems to confirm the fears of viewers—at least until a crafty Walt works his magic yet again…

“You Use MY Money, Never Yours.”

Walt blackmails Elliot and Gretchen into giving money to his son

The first act of “Felina” has an equally amusing and terrifying scene involving Walt and the rich beneficiaries of his work, Gretchen and Elliott. As he discusses his slick plot to launder his drug money safely and discreetly to his family, he makes this emphatic demand to them. It’s a great reminder of the unshakable pride and stubbornness of Walt.

Even at the bitter end, when everything’s hit the fan, he’s utterly determined to provide for his family completely on his own accord. Of course, one could pose the argument that these two will be aiding him in this, but, ultimately, it will be his money alone that will provide for Skyler, Flynn, and Holly.

“That Would Be The Ricin I Gave You.”

Lydia on the phone in a scene from Breaking Bad, looking terrified.

It’s rather fun to see Walter tie up the loose ends and exact his sort of vigilante revenge on those that have wronged him, even if he could use some humble pie himself. Just when we think his elaborate plot has concluded, he picks up Todd’s phone and informs both Lydia and the audience that he has finally made use of the deadly ricin.

He’s found a way to stealthfully put it into a bag of Stevia just before the café scene kicks off. It’s yet another testament to the cleverness of Walt, as well as the great writing that comprises this memorable series.

“Cheer Up, Beautiful People, This Is Where You Get To Make It Right.”

Walt, Gretchen, and Elliott in Breaking Bad

There’s no shortage of great zingers and memorable quotes in BB, but this closing statement to Gretchen and Elliott takes the cake in terms of both its delivery and its context. It makes for a nice little fist-pumping bout and a sufficient “screw you” to the couple who have largely lived off the benefits of Walt’s chemistry research.

It’s a classic James Bond-esque zinger that reinforces the draw of this antihero despite his nefarious dealings.

“Before I Go, May I See Her?”

Breaking Bad series finale Skyler Walt divider

The emotional rollercoaster of “Felina” manages to outdo itself with a tearjerking moment involving Skyler and Walter’s final meeting and his last opportunity to look at his daughter.

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After telling Skyler how to get herself out of the inevitable heat from the Heisenberg manhunt, he gives one final request, to pay a visit to his sleeping daughter, Holly. Even after all of Walt’s crimes against humanity and shady dealings, it’s tough not to shed a tear during this somber scene.

“You Want Your Money, Right? You Wanna Know Where It Is?”

Breaking Bad Felina Walter Kills Jack

Just when it seems that Walt has won and overcome yet again, Jack reminds viewers that he still has the predicament of locating the bulk of his earnings as a drug kingpin. Jack informs him that if he kills him, he’ll never know where to find it.

Amusingly, though, it seems Walter is fresh out of, erm… “cares” to give by this point, and he puts a satisfying end to this malevolent figure. It’s a great line that keeps the drama and intrigue going up until the very last second when Walt pulls that trigger.

“…Then Do It Yourself”

Breaking Bad Series Finale Aaron Paul

One of the most emotionally raw and intense moments in this finale includes the final exchange between Walt and Jesse. Both characters are worn, battered, and have a deep dislike for each other by this point. Yet, there’s still a tinge of respect and care for one another. Walt wants to give a tortured Jesse closure by allowing him to finish Heisenberg for good.

But, in a move that manages to slight his former partner and convey a tinge of respect, Jesse refuses, imploring him to end his own life. It’s an immensely powerful moment and a fitting end for this love-hate relationship.

“I Did It For Me. I Liked It. I Was Good At It. I Was Alive…”

Walter White dies in the Breaking Bad finale

It’s hard to think of a more sentimental and suitable way to wrap up the complex, marred character arch of Walt than this line. Despite his clear intentions to provide for his family, this left-turn of a quote shows viewers that ultimately the cancer had spurred him to his actions on a personal level too, not just a financial one. Of course, this was largely implied, but it’s finally confirmed here.

Not only is it powerfully delivered, but it reinforces the depth and personal elements of Breaking Bad. It reestablishes the notions of finding purpose as well as moral dilemmas that make up the show’s themes.

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