The Nanny

Break Out Your Sequin Mini-Skirt, ‘The Nanny’ Is Coming To Broadway

We just knew that catchy theme song would be making a comeback.

Fran Drescher, alongside ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson, will be partnering with Rachel Bloom and Adam Schlesinger to create a musical version of the hit ‘90s show.

There are few ‘90s sitcoms more underrated than The Nanny. In the midst of your Friends, Seinfeld, and Buffy nostalgic bingeing, you may have even forgotten all about it. But chances are, any time you’re at your mum’s place and it pops up on the ol’ free-to-air, you stop what you’re doing and watch – because the show is utter perfection.

These days, revisiting my favourite adolescent treat as a fully grown adult means I am finally able to appreciate just how much of a comic genius Fran Drescher is. The timing, the facial expressions, the delivery, it all comes together in a perfect storm of ‘90s Lucille Ball realness.

And the latest news out of the US this week means a whole new generation of fans (albeit the musical kind) are about to meet the flashy girl from Flushing.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, producers Brian and Scott Zeilinger have announced that a musical adaptation of The Nanny is in the works. Fran Drescher and ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson (creators of the original series) will pen the book (basically the show’s structure), while Rachel Bloom and Adam Schlesinger (of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fame), will write the score.

What did you like best about ‘The Nanny’?

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Despite not being a huge musical theatre fan, it’s impossible not to be incredibly excited by the prospect of some of our all-time favourite characters hitting the big stage. Just imagine… a Sylvia Fine dance number, with masses of tap-dancing turkey legs. Snappy repartee between Niles and CC, before they break into song. A truckload more sequins than you could shake a Fran Fine mini-skirt at.

And Grandma Yetta. Imagine what they could do with Grandma Yetta.

An icon. Photo: 'The Nanny'

An icon. Photo: ‘The Nanny’Source:Whimn

Further details on the cast and production are yet to be revealed, but Drescher has confirmed she won’t be returning to the lead role in signature Fran style, saying in a statement, “Nobody is cast yet – we’re plotting – but we feel confident we will find a fabulous actress who is funny, charming and has a great voice.

“Of course I would do it myself, but we’d have to change the title to The Granny.”

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