Boy Meets World: 10 Things Reddit Fans Learned From Mr. Feeny

Mr. Feeny was one of the wisest characters in Boy Meets World and taught viewers about life lessons while teaching Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and co.

Mr. George Feeny had been a part of the Matthews family’s lives since Eric and Cory were kids. Not only was he their neighbor on Boy Meets World, but he was their teacher, principal, and confidant. George had no relation to Cory but treated him like a son. And due to that bond, George extended the same heartfelt opening to Shawn, Topanga, and many other students. As George said once before, he loved them all.

After watching Mr. Feeny teach his students and loved ones for seven seasons, it was impossible for viewers not to learn a few things along the way. George always had an eloquent way of viewing the world and taught in a way that was easy to understand.

Even The Strongest Friendships Can Unravel

In “The Fugitive,” Shawn is on the run after he blew up a mailbox and was being chased by the cops. He hid at Cory’s for a short time but ran away when Cory’s parents caught on to them. The only other place he could go rest his head for the night was at school.

But when Mr. Feeny entered the classroom after hours to grab the canvas he forgot, he taught Shawn a valuable lesson about strength and friendship. Using the canvas as a metaphor, he proved that even the strongest materials (and friendships) can unravel. He was one of the most likable Boy Meets World characters at this moment. NickMillerWallet told Reddit that this was “One of the best lessons Mr. Feeny taught. [It’s a] stark contrast to the junk on Girl Meets World.

A Parent’s View Vs. A Teacher’s View

Father Know Less” wasn’t the best episode in the series but it had one of the strongest lessons about education and parenting. In the episode, Cory failed his exam because he was up late watching a big baseball game with his dad. Allen tried convincing George to let Cory retake the exam but George denied Cory the opportunity.

While the Matthews family was peeved at George, he later explained his reasoning. George had a large task of educating young minds but he also understood the pressure of parenting. Aragorn1284 noted that this was their favorite lesson and that “The lesson at the end was kind of heartbreaking and sweet encompassing what really matters to a kid and what the real meaning of education is.”

He Inspired Those To Teach And Learn

One of the things that made Boy Meets World did better than Girl Meets World was the respect and knowledge that surrounded George Feeny. Sure, his students didn’t always listen to him in class, but as they grew, they respected him for his life lessons.

His lessons were so humbling that Yesilfener told Reddit that it was Mr. Feeny who inspired them to be a teacher. “Feeny was one of the main reasons I became a teacher,” they wrote. They continued writing, “I tried as much as I could to have that kind of impact on my students…Safe to say that Feeny had a big impact in my life and my students, despite being a fictional character.”

Do Your Best And Be A Good Person

The final scene of Boy Meets World was an emotional one. It showed Cory, Shawn, Topanga, and Eric back in their old classroom with Mr. Feeny at the head of it. With everyone graduating college and moving on with life, the group asked Mr. Feeny for any parting words. It was this moment that taught Brockbfball1563 the most. Mr. Feeny’s quote, “Believe in yourself. Dream. Try. Do good,” was a quote that stuck with fans forever.

The Redditor continued writing, “What I’ve found is that, the older I got, the less specific lessons I really needed and the more general ones were more helpful. By simply doing your best and being a good person, things usually end up working out.”

Mental Health Breaks While Studying Is Important

When the group graduated high school and went on to study at Pennbrook, George tagged along and became a professor. George following his students around as they grew was something that kept Boy Meets World fans up at night, but it was all for the sake of the show.

In one episode, Eric’s classmates were drained from studying for exams. To help everyone relax, he told them he had a foolproof method to get good grades, and that was to unwind at the movies after studying. After everyone (but him) did well, George noted that mental health breaks while studying were necessary for a better performance outcome. CodyMiller_Cartoon shared a clip of the scene on Reddit as the one thing they learned from George.

Friends Can Become Family

In season 3, Cory and Shawn take a video of Shawn’s family members as a birthday video for his dad. Mr. Williams told them if the video was good, they could enter it into a documentary contest. But when the pair rewatch the video and see Shawn’s brother with stolen laptops, Shawn and Cory argue about what’s allowed to be shown in the video.

The base of the argument was that Shawn was embarrassed by his family but still wanted to protect them because they were blood. NenaLynnClark said Mr. Feeny’s quote, “Blood means you are related, it doesn’t mean you are family,” was their biggest life lesson. After all, Cory was more of a family member to Shawn than his actual family.

The Difference In Generations

In “Quiz Show,” Topanga, Cory, and Shawn were on a popular quiz show for smart high school students. The producer, however, decided to dumb down the questions for the guys. This then made the show more entertaining, but there was one person who didn’t like the show’s new approach — George Feeny.

George was embarrassed for the younger generation because they had the beauty of the internet and all of the books in the world in front of them, and they’d rather play video games or be on a silly game show. It was a serious Boy Meets World topic and one that still resonates in 2021. McHairMaster wrote that the real lesson in George’s rant was, “Instead of using the Internet as a learning tool, the students are using it for trivialities when it could be used for much more!”

His Differences With Mr. Turner Were A Lesson In Itself

Mr. Feeny was always seen as the wisest teacher in school. But when Mr. Turner appeared in season 3, the students related to more. Mr. Feeny and Mr. Turner were both great teachers, but Reddit agreed that George criticized Mr. Turner’s teaching methods too harshly. In return, their relationship became a lesson in itself.

InsomniaPancake wrote that one of George’s life lessons was that even adults continue to learn and grow. “Teachers learn too though. While Feeny is phenomenal, Turner does end up teaching him that there’s more than one way to do things which is an important life lesson,” they wrote.

Spend Time With Loved Ones When You Can

In the show’s pilot, Cory learns one of the biggest lessons of all: people grow apart and get different interests, but that doesn’t make them bad people. This came to be when Eric ditched Cory for a date, Cory ditched his dad for his friends, and George was stood up by an unknown person on the phone.

Despite all the heartache and fear, BDigital11 wrote that Mr. Feeny taught audiences, “It gets harder and harder to get together so enjoy those moments when you can and make sure to make other relationships or companions too.”

Work Even Harder When Things Don’t Work Out

Shawn was spontaneous and often didn’t take direction well. Because of this, Mr. Feeny set the impossible task of getting Shawn to the Super Bowl. He told him not to give up until he got there.

GoAvs14 commended George for being tough with his students instead of sugarcoating everything. “Instead of pampering kids and telling them everything will be alright, he gave them a dose of reality,” they wrote. The lesson of “never giving up” worked because Shawn eventually got to the Super Bowl.

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