Book Of Boba Fett: One Quote From Each Main Character That Goes Against Their Personality

Star Wars has given fans some of the most iconic quotes, but it still catches fans off guard when characters say something out of the ordinary.

The Star Wars franchise has been providing fans with some of the most memorable quotes from their favorite characters for over four decades. With the new Disney+ show, The Book of Boba Fett, fans get to see Boba Fett essentially rise from the dead and then take over Jabba’s Palace.

Some old characters make an appearance, while some new characters are introduced. The characters in the show are not the most chatty group of people, but some of the things they say seem to go against their personalities.

Boba Fett:

“I Am Not A Bounty Hunter.”

Boba Fett says this quote a few times throughout the show. But this begs the question: why does he keep emphasizing this? After he falls into the Sarlacc Pit, and then barely makes his way out, he finds a new life among the Tusken Raiders. After all the hardship that he endures on his journey out of the Sarlacc Pit, it’s possible that he may just be forming a new life for himself.

Finding some form of peace with the Tusken Raiders, and learning some new skills, Boba Fett enters Mos Espa as a new man, ready to take over Jabba’s Palace. As he rules over the land, Boba claims he doesn’t want to rule with fear, but with respect, which goes back to what he was able to earn from the Tusken Raiders. Many of his typical bounty hunter ways seem to be put to the side as he rules while he tries to keep the peace. He was born and raised to be a bounty father. His father, Jengo Fett was one, and those that trained him were some of the best in the business. If not a bounty hunter, what is Boba Fett?

Fennec Shand:

“Things Would Go A Lot Smoother If You Accepted Their Ways.”

Fennec has many quality traits, with some being her independence, her loyalty, and her keen ability to understand Boba Fett like not many others seem to be able to do. The two started off a little shaky, but quickly earned each other’s trust and respect, and once Fennec decided to stick along for the ride with Boba, it seems that the two would turn into quite the power duo. As Boba seemed to step away from his usual violent, bounty-hunter ways, Fennec seemed to step up to that role.

While Boba was trying to make changes to Jabba’s Palace, and rule with a new hand, Fennec tries to explain why he was getting some pushback. She tries to help him understand that the people of Mos Espa were used to their leaders being treated a certain way, but Boba refused to go back to the old ways. This seemed odd for her to say since she seems to know Boba so well. There is also the mutual understanding that they [Fennec and Boba] are on the same page about all this, especially trying to change the way that the people are ruled over by their leader. When Fennec suggests Boba conform to the old ways, it comes as a shock. Boba Fett takes this quote and later turns it around and uses it on her, ironically enough, in a way that seems to annoy her.

Cad Bane:

“Consider This My Final Lesson. Look Out For Yourself.”

The ruthless bounty hunter, Cad Bane, has quite a way with words. His speech tends to be more staccato and straight to the point. He’s not a big talker, but he’s also not quite. Bane usually gets straight to the point, as witnessed with his encounter with Cobb Vanth in chapter 6 of The Book of Boba Fett. 

This quote specifically implies that he was Boba Fett’s mentor. At least one of them. Fans know that Boba had many mentors over his years, but to those that didn’t know, this comes as a big shock. The setup of these two sentences makes it sound as though Bane knew he was going to lose to Boba Fett. Bane is not a quitter, so it is weird for him to surrender (even though he did put up quite the fight against Boba Fett).


“I Beg You For Your Forgiveness. How Can I Atone?”

Din Djarin, also known as the Mandalorian, steals the show in chapter five of The Book of Boba Fett as fans see him learning to wield the dark saber. As he struggles to do so, Paz Vizsla challenges him to a duel to win it from him (since he believes it belongs in the hands of a Vizsla since the saber was forged by someone in House Vizsla). In the midst of their battle, Djarin gets banned from the Mandalorian people and begs for forgiveness.

Although it’s evident from this scene, as well as the entire first and second season of The Mandalorian, that being a Mandalorian is important to him, it’s out of character for him to beg for something. His character is always very stoic, calm, cool, and collected. For him to suddenly be in a mode of panic where he is begging for forgiveness was odd for fans to see. Still, it might prove pivotal to his character in the third season.

Ahsoka Tano:

“There’s Nothing Now, But Will Someday Be A Great School. Grogu Will Be Its First Student.”

Ahoska Tano may not have a large role in The Book of Boba Fett, but she does say some things that really guide The Mandalorian. While many of the things Ahsoka says proves her Jedi worth, when she talks about Grogu being the first student of Luke’s Jedi school, it was out of character.

With how much she kept alluding to Grogu being torn between becoming a Jedi and going back to being friends with The Mandalorian, it seemed off that she would suggest he was going to become a Jedi. While she can’t see the future directly, she, along with many other Force-wielders have the ability to have visions. Unless there is something that she clearly isn’t telling The Mandalorian (or the fans), Grogu’s reunion with Mando might be temporary.

Mok Shaiz’s Majordomo:

“I Was Educated On Coruscant. Not That That Makes Me Better In Any Way.”

The great Mok Shaiz’s Majordomo entered into The Book of Boba Fett in episode one and provided both comic relief as well as a slight bit of tension between Boba Fett and Mayor of Mos Espa, Mok Shaiz. The majordomo is one of the best side characters and is very charismatic as well as troublesome.

The Twi’lek irritates, defies, and helps Boba Fett, which is quite the character arc. While he stands firm in working for the Mayor of Mos Espa, he also tends to tweak things so he isn’t put in harm’s way – whether that is offering “classified” information, demanding an offering for the mayor, or offering his services in order to not die. When he talks about his high level of education in hopes that it would help them all, but mostly himself, from getting killed, he inserts the bit about that not making him better (which was comical as the majordomo was definitely a little, if not a lot, selfish as he was always trying to please whichever master he was talking to stay out of trouble).

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