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Canadian comedy series Letterkenny recently released its eighth season. Episode three contains a loving homage to the hockey player who is both the greatest goal-scorer and best celebrant in hockey history, our own Alex Ovechkin.

Darts off, boys.

Warning: Mild spoilers for season eight of Letterkenny below. No one watches this show for the plot. You’ll be fine.


In episode two, the Letterkenny Irish hockey team won the National Senior Hockey Championship. In episode three, the team begins a marathon celebration at a local bar led by Reilly and Jonesy, who are shirtless following the tradition of their celebration role model, Alex Ovechkin.

“Ovi raised the bar for Cup cellies,” Jonesy says. (It might be Reilly who said that. I guess it doesn’t really matter.) The team then chants “Ovi! Ovi! Ovi!” as mindless EDM music plays. It’s kind of perfect.

Jonesy and Reilly later fall asleep holding the cup in a manner that should be familiar to you.

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