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Better Call Saul Just Made The Worst Ending More Likely

Rhea Seehorn has just teased a "devastating" final season for Better Call Saul. Here's why that means the darkest ending for the show is now possible.

Better Call Saul‘s worst ending just became more likely scenario. In a recent Twitter post, Rhea Seehorn described the upcoming Better Call Saul season 6 as “devastating”, setting an ominous tone heading into the show’s anticipated series finale. This makes it apparent that the darkest ending for Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill is now far more possible.



Seehorn plays Kim Wexler, who is the partner, love interest, and eventual wife of Jimmy McGill throughout Better Call Saul. Her role is just as prominent as Jimmy’s, as the show follows her twisting, turning legal career and the struggles that come with it. Season 5 sees Kim making major shifts in her personal and professional life after she and Jimmy get married. This includes quitting her job at Mesa Verde and, in the Better Call Saul season 5 finale, Kim conspires to create a scandal that will damage Howard Hamlin’s career—to which Jimmy is shocked, impressed, and even concerned.

Taking Rhea Seahorn’s Twitter comment into account, things are looking rather grim for her character Kim Wexler. While Bob Odenkirk has said that there are no plans to kill her off, it now seems more likely that she will be. The fact that she is not mentioned or seen in Breaking Bad only serves to make Kim’s fate even more ominous. Given its status as a prequel, Better Call Saul obviously can’t kill off Jimmy, making Kim’s death the more likely cause for the “devastating” season 6 finale.

Better Call Saul Lalo

As previously mentioned, the lack of reference to Kim in Breaking Bad offers troubling implications about her fate in Better Call Saul. It could mean that Jimmy’s shady business practices finally catch up with him, and as such people like Kim pay the price. While this alone doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll be killed off, Jimmy’s affiliation with Better Call Saul‘s Lalo Salamanca as well as Gus Fring definitely does, especially as a war between the two is brewing.

By Better Call Saul season 5’s end, Jimmy and Kim get involved in the conflict between Gus and Lalo after Mike Ehrmentraut saves the former from being killed by gunmen while obtaining money for the Salamancas. This leads to Lalo confronting the couple at their apartment. While Kim’s able to get Lalo to leave, Mike makes it clear to Jimmy that this will not end and “she’s part of the game now.” This all but confirms that Kim’s now a part of Jimmy’s criminal business whether she wants to be or not, and that will certainly put her life at greater risk.

Ultimately, there still isn’t much known about Better Call Saul season 6. While it’s expected to end on a tragic note, there’s hope that Better Call Saul‘s finale gives Jimmy a happier ending than Walter White could ever get. That being said, Rhea Seehorn’s comments certainly don’t bode well for how things will conclude, especially where Kim is concerned.

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