Battlestar Galactica Movie Reboot in Development, New Producers Hired

Cylon the dotted line.

According to Variety, veteran producer Michael De Luca will produce a BSG movie, alongside Scott Stuber and Dylan Clark. Most recently De Luca scored a massive success with Fifty Shades of Grey at the studio, and will be producing that film’s sequels.

A movie version of Battlestar Galactica has been in development for many years. Plans to revive the original 1978 TV show on the big screen were put on hold after Syfy produced the highly acclaimed TV reimagining in 2003. That show ran for four seasons, followed by the short-lived spinoff Caprica in 2010.

The original series was created by the late Glen A. Larson and broadcast by ABC in 1978. It was very much part of the wave of sci-fi shows and movies that followed in the wake of Star Wars. Similarities between the two properties led Fox, who produced Star Wars, to sue ABC, but ultimately, the case was settled in the network’s favour.

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