‘Andy Griffith Show’ Icon Ron Howard Shares Adorable Photo from His Opie Days

Even though he’s had quite a career as both an actor and director, Ron Howard will always be connected with the Andy Griffith Show.

On Saturday, Howard, who played Opie Taylor on the CBS sitcom, stepped into the Wayback Machine and shared a photo.

Outsiders, the photo isn’t so much from his time on the sitcom. But it is a tender moment from his youth.

Take a look at what Howard shared on Twitter.

In case you didn’t know, Ronny Howard (as he was billed as a child actor) is on the left. On the right is his brother Clint Howard, who also would go on and be a child star. Clint had a recurring role on the Andy Griffith Show for a bit as Leon.

Later, he would go on and star in the CBS show Gentle Ben. Dennis Weaver, famous for his Chester Goode role on Gunsmoke, played Clint’s father.

If you take a look at the caption Ron Howard added, then you’ll see he talks about a book. He and Clint teamed up to write “The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family.”

Ron Howard keeps himself busy, for sure. His latest movie will be called “Thirteen Lives” and focuses on the Tham Luang cave rescue in 2018.

Ron Howard Remembers Being Bullied When He Was A Child Star

You know, Outsiders, it is easy to look at a guy like Ron Howard and say he’s got it made. Television shows, movies, numerous awards for his professional work.

Yet there was a time when even he had to endure moments of bullying. Why? Because he was a child star on the Andy Griffith Show.

Ron and Clint were interviewed by Mario Lopez recently on their book promotion tour.

Ron Howard talked about peers in school thinking that he was a “weirdo” or a “freak.” So, he spent time “building [his] credibility on the playground.”

Even with all of his time behind the camera, Howard is still getting opportunities to be an actor.

Ron Howard talked about it in an exclusive interview with FOX News. The last time he appeared in front of the camera? Well, he was playing an older Opie Taylor in the 1986 TV movie Return to Mayberry.

What about acting? Ron Howard told FOX News that he’s gotten opportunities in well-known roles.

He told FOX News that over the years, he was pitched “three different roles over the last couple of decades where the actors wound up being nominated in the Best Supporting category.”

Ron Howard said, “Some interesting filmmakers have thought that it might be a good idea to try to get me in front of the camera again, which is very, very flattering.”

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