All Tommy Chong wants for Christmas is… a drill press to make weed pipes

When it comes to making pipes, Chong considers himself a “modern artist."

LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 25: Comedian Tommy Chong attends the Cedars-Sinai Sports Spectacular at W Los Angeles – West Beverly Hills on March 25, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Sports Spectacular)
FILE: Comedian Tommy Chong attends the Cedars-Sinai Sports Spectacular at W Los Angeles – West Beverly Hills on Mar. 25, 2016 in Los Angeles, Calif. / PHOTO BY ALBERTO E. RODRIGUEZ/GETTY IMAGES FOR SPORTS SPECTACULAR

Tommy Chong was mum on exactly which one he’s hoping for, but the 81-year-old icon told Page 6 that what he really wants for Christmas is a new drill press to make pot pipes in his personal wood shop over the holidays.Making pipes is nothing new for him, according to Page Six , but Chong of Cheech & Chong fame thinks a big drill press would be the perfect gift for this naughty and nice artist. And he takes his art seriously, so no giggles, please.


“I’ve been making them all my life, all my life,” Chong told Page Six. “A lot of years. I call myself a modern artist,” he said.

Of course, he also doesn’t take himself too seriously. “I’m not going to sell anything until I die,” he said. “Then, I don’t give a s–t what they do with it.”

Until then, and somewhat out of character, Chong keeps his creations close to the vest, opting not to open himself up to criticism.

“Art to me is like my child,” Chong told the publication. “I would hate to have someone go, ‘Oh what’s this? This is ugly.’”

Chong clearly isn’t in it for the cash. He doesn’t sell his works of art, but has given a few away on occasion… if someone is in desperate need.

“It’s like adopting a kid. ‘Are you going to take care of this child?’” he joked.

FILE: Comedians Cheech Marin (L) and Tommy Chong (R) announce their first comedy tour in more than 25 years at a press conference in West Hollywood, Calif. on July 30 2008. / PHOTO BY ROBYN BECK/AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

Gift wishers may have a better shot at scoring some weed gratis from Chong.
Earlier this year, he said he hadn’t actually paid for weed in about 50 years. That being the case, Chang said would be happy to gift medical cannabis to those who need it for conditions such as pain and anxiety during the COVID-19 crisis.
Those with really cool joints on their wish lists — and depending on what they want to fork out — could always check out Tony Greenhand, a roller par excellence whose weedy creations have been purchased by many an A-lister and can cost as much as US$10,000 a pop .

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