A Point of Honour -Mind Your Language

“A Point of Honour” is the eleventh episode of the first season of Mind Your Language. It was first broadcast on the 10th of March 1978.

Mr. Brown and his students have a knockout quiz. Danielle arrives late as the woodwork teacher, Mr. Jarvis, took an interest in her and pressured her to go on a date with him. Danielle wasn’t keen on the idea, so she told him that she was engaged to be married to Mr. Brown. Gladys overhears Danielle and tells Miss Courtney about Mr. Brown’s engagement, and her reaction convinces Gladys that she fancies Mr. Brown herself.

After clearing things up with Miss Courtney, Mr. Brown runs into Mr. Jarvis and Danielle in the corridor. Danielle warns Mr. Jarvis that Mr. Brown will fight him to protect her, so he challenges Mr. Brown to a boxing match in the gymnasium after school. After the quiz, Mr. Brown tells the class that there will never be any fight going on, but they have been betting on the results, which forces him to fight. As the match starts, Mr. Jarvis gains the upper hand during the first round, but Giovanni talks to him to distract him while Max ties his shoelaces together, and he falls over and gets counted out at the beginning of the second round, letting Mr. Brown win. Mr. Jarvis then turns his attention to Jamila, so Ali challenges him to a fight and nominates Mr. Brown to fight him by proxy.

Mr. Brown: Uh, Giovanni. What is an epistle?

Giovanni: That’s easy! An epistle is the wife of an apostle.

Mr. Brown: Anna. Uh, another word for debunk.

Anna: Debed.

Mr. Brown: Give me the opposite of the following words. Ready?

Juan: Not ready.

Mr. Brown: I haven’t started.

Juan: I have started.

Mr. Brown: Juan!

Juan: Uh, I lost!

Mr. Brown: That’s enough!

Juan: Uh, that’s not enough!

Mr. Brown: Stop!

Juan: Go!

Mr. Brown: Sit down!

Juan: Stand up!

Mr. Brown: Su-Lee. Spell “democracy”.

Su-Lee: C-H-I-N-A.

(Mr. Brown asks Juan what another name is for a valley between two mountains, but Juan has no idea.)

Juan: Pass.

Mr. Brown: Right.

Although this episode aired in March 1978, Miss Courtney says in “After Three” (which aired on 25 November 1978) that Mr. Jarvis was fired for his woodwork students’ poor performance at last year’s school concert. Unless she’s referring to an academic year and the school holds a concert every term, this makes it likely that at least one of these episodes doesn’t take place on its air date.

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