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5 Reasons Todd From Scrubs Is The Worst

Breaking Bad and Scrubs both have characters named Todd. Each of them is terrible, though for very different reasons.

There’s something about the name “Todd” in television, as any character with that name tends to be volatile and hateful. Even in The Office, there’s Todd Packer, the slimy womanizer who turns the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin into such a hostile environment whenever he’s around.

But it’s Scrubs’ Todd who is the biggest womanizer of the two, and though the idea of Todd being a terrible character might be one of the most unpopular opinions about Scrubs, there’s a lot of truth to it. However, that might be nothing compared to Breaking Bad’s Todd, who is literally a deranged killer. Though it might be hard to compare the two of them, they are completely awful in totally different ways.

Scrubs Todd: He Is A Womanizer

Todd in Scrubs

Most of the things that come out of Todd’s mouth borders on sexual harassment, as he is always commenting on women’s physiques and making crude comments about his colleagues. At one point, when he finally becomes a resident doctor in the second season, he literally walks over to the nurse’s station and lists which of the staff he would have sex with and the ones he wouldn’t.

And later on, he randomly places things on the floor to make the nurses bend over and pick them up. Even his sleeveless tees with trashy slogans prove what kind of character he is before he even says anything

Breaking Bad Todd: Holds Jesse Hostage For Months

El Camino- 10 Most Heartbreaking Jesse Moments-6 Cropped

Jesse and Todd were never friends even though they both worked with Walter, and though they were civil when Todd first came on the scene, there was clearly tension between the two of them. When Jesse was held captive by the neo-nazis, he turned into Todd’s pet. Todd had complete control over Jesse, from what he was allowed to eat to when he was allowed to smoke.

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Todd even used Jesse to dig graves for dead bodies, which is was what happened in the spin-off movie, El Camino. It seemed like Jesse was even starting to suffer from Stockholm syndrome at one point, as he began to follow Todd’s orders even when he didn’t have to.

Scrubs Todd: Perverted

Todd in Scrubs

In one of the later seasons, Todd comes out as gay, and as Scrubs was much more progressive than many of the other shows at the time, it made perfect sense that the show would use Todd to make a statement, but that isn’t exactly what happened.

Instead, Todd coming out as gay was just an excuse to give the character even more crude and perverse jokes, only this time his sexual harassment was aimed at both men and women. At one point, the controversial character is literally holding his crotch when looking at a male doctor.

Breaking Bad Todd: His Uncles Are Neo Nazis

Todd and Uncle Jack on Breaking Bad

Todd’s uncle Jack isn’t exactly somebody viewers would want to bump into in real life, as he confidently flaunts a giant swastika tattoo on his neck, which is a testament to his very character. And his friends are just as evil, as none of them have any respect for human life and a shoot out with the DEA is just a bad day at the office for them.

Actually, considering how screwed up and frantic Todd’s uncle Jack and his gang are, it’s surprising how meditative Todd is by comparison. But nevertheless, Todd surrounds himself with the scum of Albuquerque and that’s where he feels most comfortable.

Scrubs Todd: His Style

The whole existence of Todd is one of the major flaws of the show that fans chose to ignore, but one of the worst things about him, just as bad as the sexual harassment and perverted outbursts, is his wild dress sense. Whether it’s his work uniform or what he wears when he’s kicking back at his apartment, Todd’s style is wholly unique and it definitely well represents what the character stands for.

At work, Todd literally cuts the sleeves off his scrubs so it’s more like a vest, and he wears a flame-printed bandana to go with it. When it comes to his leisurely attire, he has a closet full of “banana hammocks,” and anybody who visits has to strip down and wear one too.

Breaking Bad Todd: Socially Inept

Breaking Bad Todd Kills a Kid

As Todd is always working, even when he’s not, he says things in social situations that he really shouldn’t, such as when he’s first discussing the train heist with his uncles in the middle of a diner. The character has no understanding of how to act socially and no clue how to start a conversation that isn’t regarding murder or related to cooking crystal meth.

The best example of the character’s social ineptitude comes from El Camino, as he promises to buy Jesse ice-cream when the character is pointing a gun at him, which is one of the best scenes in the movie.

Scrubs Todd: Completely Immature

Todd in Scrubs

Though Turk eventually became the top surgeon, for the longest time, it was actually Todd who was Sacred Heart’s finest surgeon. That surely comes as a surprise to every fan, as the character is the most immature of them all, which is saying a lot, as the show is full of immature characters.

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Whether he’s making fart jokes or hiding in closets for hours waiting to be set up for a penis joke, Todd’s immaturity is second to none. However, Todd somehow always prevails.

Breaking Bad Todd: Murders Innocent Women And Children

Jesse Plemons

The fact that Andrea was murdered by Todd is one of the saddest things about Jesse, as it’s the second loved one who died because they were connected to him. And it’s absolutely mortifying given that Todd shoots her in the back of the head in front of Jesse.

But the worst murder Todd ever committed is when he killed Drew Sharp too. Todd murders the child without even thinking about it, and the fact that he was a kid didn’t seem to make a lick of difference to the killer. And considering how much Todd has it in for Jesse, it’s actually a surprise that he doesn’t murder Brock too.

Scrubs Todd: Annoying Trademarks


Scrubs’ Todd has one of the worst story arcs of the whole series, as he barely even has one. Despite the episode surrounding his sexuality, which completely missed the mark, the Todd is a one-dimensional character who has the same three revolving jokes.

Whether it’s referring to himself as “The Todd,” sexually harassing the female characters (and even the male characters in the later seasons), or flexing his muscles, it gets old quick.

Breaking Bad Todd: He Is A Psychopath

Todd shoots a little boy in Breaking Bad

Todd doesn’t seem to have any feelings and is completely soulless. The character has never once shown any emotions, except for when he was struggling to get the meth he cooked to 99% pure. Even when he’s killing people, which he so clearly enjoys, Todd looks empty inside.

He murdered Andrea right in front of Jesse with no remorse, he killed Drew in the desert without considering the other options, and even when Walter massacred his uncle and his friends in the finale, Todd was more impressed by Walter’s creativity than angry at him.

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