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5 Characters We Prefer In Better Call Saul (& 5 That Are Better In Breaking Bad)

While Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad share many of the same characters, some of them are better served by one of the shows.

Both Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad share a number of the same characters. With the same writer at the helm of both series, a mostly consistent voice is maintained throughout. However, sometimes one show incorporates a character better than the other.

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Each show serves a different purpose and as such, the characters have different roles. Due to this, a character can sometimes be more impactful or perhaps more likable in one series compared to the other. Here are 5 characters that are better in Better Call Saul and 5 that are better in Breaking Bad. 


Gus Fring

Gus Fring is a frightening presence no matter what show he appears on. However, in Better Call Saul, Gus lost some of his aurae since viewers had already become so used to the character. In the original series, his unpredictability is what made him so terrifying.

While the performance is still phenomenal, too much about Gus has been revealed by this point. Audiences know the ins and outs of this character far too well, which means some of that mystery is gone. Therefore, Gus is far better as a villain in Breaking Bad. 


Compared to Gus, the opposite holds true for Mike. Where Breaking Bad only started to unveil the persona behind Mike’s stern appearance, Better Call Saul has truly explored his back story, the death of his son, and his relationship with his own family.

There are elements of the character that are explored in the prequel that are not even touched in Breaking Bad. What’s more, Mike has gone on an interesting journey in Better Call Saul. As the prequel approaches its end, it has become increasingly more fascinating to imagine how Mike ended up in his position in Breaking Bad.


Hank Schrader has only just been introduced in the prequel show. While both him and Gomez are as phenomenal as they were on Breaking Bad, they are simply serving the plot as driving forces, with the DEA putting pressure on some of the local criminal organizations.

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In BreakingBad, audiences went on a real journey with Hank and watched as his character developed, almost to the same extent as Walter White. The arrogant officer turned into a real hero, one who viewers emphasized with and mourned when he finally bit the bullet.


Saul Goodman was an entertaining character in the original series, which is why he garnered his own prequel. It’s logical therefore that the character would be better used within his own show, where he really has had a Walter White-esque arc.

The character has gone from Jimmy McGill to Saul Goodman and the progress has been astounding. The decisions he is making are becoming more and more morally dubious by the episode and this transition has made for some brilliant TV.


The Cousins have been used in similar roles by both shows. However, there was something far more deadly about them when they turned up in Breaking Bad. Perhaps it was because they targeted Hank in a brutal showdown.

While neither show paints a detailed picture of The Cousins, if their main purpose is to serve as menacing bodyguards to the Salamancas, then Breaking Bad definitely does this in a way that has far more ominous and psychological undertones.


Hector Salamanca is a notable character, although throughout Breaking Bad he was really known as the guy with the bell in the wheelchair. Sure he had an interesting aura surrounding him, but he could never really portray the character to his full potential.

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Better Call Saul shows the character’s progress moving into Breaking Bad and demonstrates why Hector has the reputation that he has. It also solidifies his rivalry with Gus Fring which eventually leads to their explosive final encounter.


Lydia has only made a few appearances in the prequel series and she hasn’t really been used much. Breaking Bad saw the expert businesswoman use her skills to try and create a drug empire.

Lydia made many enemies and a few dubious allies along the way, and her final appearance was one that had many viewers gasping. The character had so many memorable moments in the original show and the prequel doesn’t really do Lydia justice.


Krazy-8 has the important role of being Walter White’s first kill. However, outside of this and an impactful conversation between the two characters, Krazy-8 doesn’t serve much of a purpose outside of getting melted down in a bathtub.

Better Call Saul gives Krazy-8 a bit more of a soul. The prequel series shows him growing into the drug trade and finally answers the question of why Krazy-8 has his nickname (from playing a game of poker).


Gus talks to Gale about becoming the new cook

To a certain extent, the shows use Gale in opposite fashions. In Better Call Saul, he’s simply introduced as a way to tie the stories together and to foreshadow the progress that Gus will take, moving further into the drug trade industry.

By contrast, Breaking Bad creates Gale to be a morally corrupt man looking to make a good bit of cash and who is obsessed with his craft. It also creates a character that puts pressure on Jesse when he has to finally pull the trigger. Needless to say, he’s far more vital here.


Much like Krazy-8, Victor is more known for his death than his life in Breaking Bad. He’s that guy that gets his throat sliced by Gus, only serving to enhance the latter’s character.

In Better Call Saul, Victor is actually an important part of the hierarchy and has a number of skills that make him useful for the role. He’s had a little more development and an interesting relationship with Nacho as they struggle within this system.

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