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24 Times Fran Fine Was The Style Icon We All Know She Is

1. You may or may not have heard of a TV show from the ’90s called The Nanny, in which a girl from Queens with the most memorable voice becomes the nanny to three children from a well-to-do family.

Naturally hilarity ensues and the widowed father of the children falls for Fran Fine’s charms.

2. BUT, the best thing about the show is Fran’s myriad of truly fabulous outfits.

Absolutely none of which were subtle, natural, and understated.

3. She should really be everyone’s style icon, simply because of how FUN every outfit she wore was.

4. Seriously, the woman never donned an item of clothing that wouldn’t make you beam with joy.

5. And she looked sexy as hell doing it, too.

6. Looking at this, I’m pretty sure she invented the two piece co-ord.

7. And has perfected the off-the-shoulder crop top look.

8. She somehow even made “military coup chic” a thing.

9. She had Kylie Jenner’s whole aesthetic down long before Kylie Jenner was even conceived.

10. But she could also do “elegant and refined” as well as she could do “fun and colourful”.

11. Seriously, it’s amazing that she can always go yet another level above in terms of being “dressed up”.

12. She was never afraid to wear a hell of a lot of colour.

13. Or wild textures.

14. Not that she couldn’t pull off all black, too.

15. She was never afraid to channel a vintage vibe.

16. Or to be a bit matchy-matchy.

17. Like, really matchy-matchy.

18. There wasn’t a pattern she didn’t love.

19. And she really took the whole “power suit” to the next level.

20. This is what she wore to her ex’s funeral! Truly a power move.

21. Honestly, she always made a turtleneck and a mini skirt look like the best and coolest combination ever.

22. Even her accessories are always on point.

23. Crop tops have never looked better on anyone than her.

24. And of course, she still had a fun and flamboyant outfit even for her wedding day.

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