1932: Everything We Know About The Yellowstone Spin-off

Paramount+ has ordered a new Yellowstone spinoff from writer Taylor Sheridan, called 1932. Here's a guide to all the information currently available.

Paramount+ has ordered a new Yellowstone spinoff, which will be titled 1932. Like its predecessor 1883, the 1932 TV series will take place in another historical period within the Yellowstone universe, and is being written by Taylor Sheridan, the creative mind behind the two Dutton family series so far. Although few details are available about 1932, the fact that it’s been confirmed means Paramount is fully invested in fleshing out the story of the Dutton family.

Both Yellowstone and 1883 have been major successes for Paramount, with the Yellowstone season 4 finale becoming the highest-rated cable TV episode since 2017, with a total viewership of 9.3 million. And while some avid watchers of Yellowstone hate 1883, the Paramount+ show has ultimately been a big hit as well, drawing in plenty of traffic to the network’s new streaming platform. Due to the significant popularity of both these Western series focused on the Dutton family, it’s likely 1932 will attract a similarly large audience.

With Yellowstone renewed for season 5 and 1883 renewed for season 2, Sheridan will have plenty of material on his plate in addition to writing 1932. Little has been shared about the new series thus far, but it’s sure to pack a similar punch to its predecessors’ gritty drama. Here’s all the information currently available on the upcoming 1932 TV series.

1932 Is A Yellowstone Spinoff

Like 18831932 is a historical spinoff of Yellowstone that follows a specific generation of the Duttons’ ancestors. Thus, it will most likely be set on the familiar Dutton ranch, but with some yet-unfamiliar faces and conflicts. Although each time period in the Yellowstone universe poses its own unique set of challenges, however, the main themes of the Dutton family’s grit and loyalty have remained consistent across the generations. As a true Yellowstone spinoff also written by Sheridan, the 1932 TV series should follow in these footsteps.

What 1932 Is About – Story Details & Characters

The official logline for 1932 reveals that it “will follow a new generation of Duttons during the time of western expansion, Prohibition, and the Great Depression.” Thus, the Yellowstone spinoff’s story will likely feature financial hardship and conflict with both the law and the increasing flow of elites from east to west. Being set in a well-known historical period, it’s also possible that 1932 will feature some real-life characters, much like 1883.

As for which Duttons to expect in 1932, Sheridan has revealed that the 1883 spinoff will see James and Margaret’s children raising their own generation of kids. Elsa, John, and Spencer Dutton could thus all make adult appearances, provided they all survive their own series. It’s also quite likely that John Dutton Sr., the father of Kevin Costern’s John Dutton, will play a significant role. The character appeared in a flashback during Yellowstone season 2, played by Dabney Coleman, and would probably be a kid or young teen in 1932. Aside from these established Duttons, 1932 should also be introducing some new characters. No casting details have been revealed yet.

When 1932 Could Release (And Where)

Paramount has yet to announce when 1932 will release or when it will begin filming, although Yellowstone season 5 updates reveal the original series will begin filming in May of 2022. 1883 was announced around February of 2021 and released in November of that year, meaning it’s possible 1932 could premiere towards the end of 2022, depending on where it currently is in production. Regardless of when the 1932 TV series hits screens, however, it will be on Paramount+.

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