‘1883’ Star Eric Nelsen Links Up With ‘Yellowstone’s Jefferson White for a Photo Shoot

Since meeting on the sets of Taylor Sheridan’s successful Western shows, Yellowstone’s Jefferson White and 1883’s Eric Nelsen have created a pretty close bond. And lately, the two seem to have a new project or two in the works.

On Instagram, Nelsen posted a series of photos with White in which the two posed dramatically outside of a black brick building and on the sidewalk. Meanwhile, in the caption, Nelsen asked fans to choose which photo would look the best.

“@_jeffersonwhite and I prepping for a tv show or for our debut album?” Nelsen teased in the caption. “Just curious tho – what would you name our album and which pic would you use for it?”

Some of the responses were pretty spot on given the two western stars’ rap sheet. “Pic #2 crazy! Name the band ‘Wild Horses’ it might be taken though haha,” one fan suggested.

Further down, A third Yellowstone fan came up with a name that related to the duo’s roles on their shows: “Album should be called ‘Underrated Characters’ and first pic.”

Whether the photos are for a new series or album, if these two are the stars, there’s no doubt the project will be the talk of the town. Let’s just hope we get to see them on horseback again.

Eric Nelsen and Jefferson White Pose for a RAM Photoshoot

The duo’s album/TV photoshoot wasn’t the first time that we’ve seen the Yellowstone and 1883 stars spend time with each other. Back when fans still gathered every Sunday around their screens for the next edition of 1883, the two actually helped film at four different locations for Dodge RAM.

Of course, all of the sets that Eric Nelsen showed his fans on Instagram looked like they were straight out of an episode of Yellowstone. Additionally, Nelsen told fans that some of Jefferson White’s photography even made it into the next episode of the prequel series. And with how amazing the pictures turned out, we’re not surprised.

“Had way too much fun filming 4 @ramtrucks commercial spots with the incredible @_jeffersonwhite!” Nelsen shared in the caption. “Did you catch the first two during last nights @yellowstone and @1883official on @paramountnetwork?? You’ll even see some of his epic photography in them. GUTS. GLORY. RAM.”

It just goes to show that the duo is just as talented behind the cameras as they are in front.

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