10 Smallest Pokémon In The Series, Ranked By Size

In the world of Pokémon, these little cuties are the littles and the cutest!

Pokémon come in all different sizes, ranging from the massive Alolan Exeggutor to the sweet little Togepi. Where most will look at a Pokémon based on its abilities in battle and the amazing designs, some of the tiny Pokémon get left behind.

Yet, across the over 1,000 episodes produced in the Pokémon series, Ash and his friends have experienced the amazing abilities many of these little Pokémon have, helping them through their adventures and even coming to the rescue when they were all in sticky situations. Pokémon is a series that shows whether a character is big or small, they all make a difference.

Milcrey, The Cream Pokémon

The sweet little fairy Pokémon Milcrey, standing at .08″ tall and weighing just .7lbs, is from the 8th generation. Milcrey first appears in the 82nd episode while the main characters, Ash, Goh, and Chloe, are at a pastry shop in Ballonlea.

With Milcrey’s fascination with sweets, she quickly takes to Goh and the cupcake on his plate, giving him an opening to catch the sweet Pokémon. When Goh lets the ecstatic Milcrey out of her Pokeball, he places a small berry on her head causing her to evolve into the Pokémon Alcremie.

Wishiwashi, The Small Fry Pokémon

The solo form of Wishiwashi is from the 7th generation of Pokémon and at just .08″ tall and weighing .7lbs, this water-type Pokémon was rightfully placed in the small-fry category. Wishiwashi is introduced in Episode 33 of Season 20, “Big Sky, Small Fry.”

This episode is where Ash and Lana head to Brooklet Hill to go fishing after hearing rumors of a Totem Pokémon in the area. Once Lana gets permission from the master fisherman to battle the said Totem Pokémon, she comes across an injured Wishiwashi and bandages him back up before getting him safely back into the water.

Tynamo, The Electric Fish Pokémon

Tynamo is the tiny electric eel-like Pokemon that is around .08″ tall and weighs only .7lbs. This little Pokémon makes its big debut in the episode “Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym.” In this episode, Ash is off to battle in the Nimbasa Gym against the gym leader Elesa, who specializes in electric-type Pokémon.

With Ash and Pikachu’s determination to win pushing Elesa to her limits, she brings out her secret weapon; Tynamo. Tynamo shows Ash that he is more than what he seems during his battle against Pikachu, yet Pikachu and Ash’s teamwork proves to be unmatched with their quick strategic planning, and they walk away with the Bolt Badge.

Cosmog, The Nebular Pokémon

The rare psychic Pokémon, Cosmog is a .08″ stray ball of smoke weighing only .2lbs. Cosmog appears in the 1st episode of Season 21 “A Dream Encounter!” in a dream where Ash makes a promise to the legendary Pokémon Lunala and Solgaleo. When Ash finally comes across the mysterious Pokémon Cosmog, he finds it asleep in the forest and brings it back to the Pokémon School.

After meeting Professor Lusamine, who offers to take in Cosmog to research this mysterious Pokémon, Ash realizes what the promise was that he had made in his dream and that was to take it upon himself to watch over little Cosmog.

Joltik, The Attaching Pokémon

Joltik is the dual bug and electric type Pokémon shown in Season 14, Episode 28 “Oshawott’s Lost Scalchop!” This tiny Pokémon is found by Ash’s Oshawott while looking for his scalchop, or shell, that was lost during a battle.

When the Oshawott disturbs the poor Joltik, he is greeted with a powerful zap and Joltik retreats into the grass. Being such a small Pokémon at .04″ and 1.3lbs, finding this Pokémon on the ground can be difficult, as they normally hop a ride on the body of other Pokémon while also soaking up the static energy since it is unable to do so on its own.

Comfey, The Posy Picker Pokémon

Comfey is the fairy-type Pokémon from the 7th generation that comes in at .04″ tall and weighing in at .7lbs. First introduced in Season 20, Episode 4, “First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-Style!” Ash comes across this Pokémon during his trip to the PokéCenter on Melemele Island where he is introduced to Nurse Joy’s assistants Blisey and Comfey.

Since this is the first time Ash has come across a Pokémon like Comfey, he uses his Pokédex to gather more information on it. The Pokédex informs Ash of this Pokémon’s unique healing abilities from the flowers it picks, leaving a scent that cures status conditions and making Comfey the perfect assistant to Nurse Joy.

Sinistea, The Black Tea Pokémon

The tiny teacup ghost Pokemon Sinistea made its debut in the first episode of Pokémon Ultimate Journey. This .04″, .4lb Pokémon is the friend of Allister, the gym leader of Stow-On-Side Gym. During Ash’s first encounter with Sinistea, he was unfortunately taken over by a Pokémon known as Spiritbomb and unconscious. After Allister and Ash’s Pokémon Pikachu struggle to find a way to retrieve the Spiritbomb out of Ash, Allister calls upon his friend Sinistea to assist. Allister explains to the worried Pikachu that Sinistea’s tea can absorb a life force and could possibly flush out the ill-natured spirit residing inside of Ash. With Sinistea’s help, the Spiritbomb is removed from Ash’s body, and thanks to the horrible taste of the tea, Ash was able to gain consciousness.

Cutiefly, The Bee Fly Pokémon

Cutiefly is a bug/fairy type Pokémon that is first seen in Season 30, Episode 20, “Partner Promises!” In the episode, Ash and Pikachu head over to an island across the water from Melemele Island, known as Treasure Island. This island is the home to many wild Pokémon, most of which Ash has never come across before, including Cutiefly.

This precious little Pokémon leads Ash and Pikachu further into the island and to a group of Alolan Exeggutors where their adventure begins. Even though this .04″, .4lb Pokémon’s debut is short-lived, it makes a big name for itself as the lightest bug-type Pokémon in existence.

Flabébé, The Single Bloom Pokémon

The shortest and lightest Pokémon at .04″ tall and weighing .2lbs, the fairy Pokemon Flabébé was introduced in Season 17, Episode 26, “To Find A Fairy Flower.” When Ash and his friends head off to Shalour Gym, a sad Flabébé lands on Bonnie’s flower hair clip. After finding out that the flower Pokémon needs to find its own flower or she would continue to lose all of her energy, the group of friends changes their plans and decide to help the poor lonely Pokémon instead.

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