10 Cutest Pokémon Cards Of All Time

Pokémon Trading Cards are still popular among fans, especially those that display the cutest characters.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game contains cards designed by a wide variety of talented artists. The first cards were released in 1996, and many fans took to them right away. Many avid fans still own cards from their youth, several of which have greatly increased in value.

Collectors still buy packs for a variety of reasons. Some use them in tournaments and some are determined to “catch them all,” while others may find certain types of Pokémon or card art appealing. Regardless of whether a trainer prefers cute cards, hilarious cards, or shiny cards, there is a card for every trainer out there.

10 Whimsicott Isn’t An Ordinary House Guest

Whimsicott is a mischievous Pokémon. According to its Pokédex entries, it has a fondness for slipping into homes uninvited. Once inside, it likes to rearrange furniture and leave little balls of fluff. They can slip through the smallest of cracks, so it is impossible to keep these adorable visitors out for long.

The Whimsicott on this card appears to have already left some fluff within the home, and if not for the Pokédex entry, most viewers would think that Whimsicott was completely innocent thanks to its adorable smile.

Raichu Is Incredibly Happy With Its Balloons

Raichu is adorable, but it is often overshadowed by its pre-evolution Pikachu. While Pikachu is the face of the Pokémon franchise, Raichu has one of the cutest Pokémon cards in the game.

This adorable electric mouse is prancing through the town holding four brightly-colored balloons, and has a wide smile on its face. There is something inherently wholesome in its ability to find joy in the small things. The fluffy white clouds also add to a soft look of the overall image.

Dedenne Is Sleeping Peacefully

Dedenne is another electric mouse, but rather than showing a boundless amount of energy, this Dedenne is fast asleep. Everything about this image is precious. The Pokémon is fast asleep on a cloth covered in pink hearts, and the white flecks give the appearance of soft sunlight.

The tiny Dedenne appears to be nestled in a drawer, and is holding its tail over itself as though it were a blanket. Dedenne seems to be having a good dream, as it has a smile on its face that reveals its tiny teeth.

Alcremie Is Surrounded By Equally Cute Desserts

Alcremie is a Pokémon made of berries and cream, although the ingredients can vary depending on the form that it takes. If this Pokémon loves and trusts its trainer enough, it will often share these ingredients. This Alcremie is surrounded by desserts that are made of the same ingredients, indicating that this Alcremie has developed this level of trust with its trainer.

The picture relies on soft pastel colors for this sweet patisserie-inspired drawing. The addition of the lace borders and the bubbles make this picture more appealing to the viewer, as these elements are often incorporated in shoujo anime.

Munna Tucks In A Sleeping Pikachu And Eevee

Munna is a round, pink Pokémon with purple flowers on its side. It is pulling a flower-patterned blanket over a peacefully sleeping Eevee and Pikachu, who are safely nestled atop flower-shaped pillows. This image relies on soft pinks, purples, and yellows, creating a peaceful yet warm atmosphere within the picture.

According to its Pokédex entry in Pokémon Omega Ruby, Munna has a tendency to eat people’s nightmares. This additional context makes this image sweeter, as it means that this Pokémon is watching over its friends.

Phanpy Lies On A Stack Of Soft Pillows

Phanpy is a light blue, tiny elephant Pokémon. Traditionally, it likes to make a home by digging a vertical pit in the ground beside a river, and marks its territory with its trunk. The Phanpy in the card art appears to be a pampered pet, resting comfortably upon a stack of star-shaped pillows with a tiny smile on its face.

It even owns a Teddiursa doll, which it is eyeing affectionately. The Phanpy looks soft and even fuzzy, as the artist doesn’t use any hard black lines in the piece.

A Cherubi Made Of Yarn

This Pokémon card is incredibly unique, as it appears to be crafted out of different materials rather than hand-drawn like most card art. This piece feels three-dimensional, as the Cherubi has been knitted out of yarn, while the trees were cut out from felt. The Cherubi plush looks soft and squishy, like the kind of toy that any child would be happy to receive.

The picture’s background uses simple shapes, but the carefully knitted or crocheted Cherubi has utilized immaculate needlework, connecting the different pieces like the leaf and two bodies seamlessly. The heart-shaped smile of the smaller body is also a great touch.

Two Snorunts Build A SnowPikachu

Two Snorunts are busily building a snowman, or more accurately, a snow replica of Pikachu. Both Snorunts have wide grins on their faces, taking pride in their work of art. As they build, a real Pikachu is watching them from behind an igloo, looking both surprised and impressed.

It’s possible that the pair of Snorunts are building the SnowPikachu to surprise their friend, which makes this image even more heartwarming. The SnowPikachu may not be perfect, but that element only adds to its charm.

Cosmoem Naps Next To Lillie

While in this form, Cosmoem is completely motionless, as if it were asleep. In reality, it is busy absorbing starlight and dust as it prepares to evolve. Lillie is Cosmoem’s caretaker, and has been caring for it ever since it was a Cosmog.

Despite the fact that Cosmoem can’t do much, Lillie deeply cares for this Pokémon enough to keep it close, even at night. This picture does an excellent job of showing the bond between the two.They look incredibly peaceful, and the starlight shining on Cosmoem’s body makes it glow softly.

Spoink Looks At A Sparkling Plaza

Spoink is a cute Pokémon, as it has a round body with big, innocent eyes. This Spoink looks absolutely entranced with its surroundings, standing in front of a winding path lit with sparkling streetlights and covered in lush greenery.

This seems to be the world seen through the eyes of a Spoink, as its eyes are shining with the glistening light that covers the artwork. There are few things more adorable than the sight of a round Spoink bouncing excitedly in a place that it has fallen in love with.

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